AI is everywhere.AI is still underdeveloped using patterns.AI is extremely fragile to logical mind games.AI is currently smarter than you.AI will communicate together.AI can trace your decisions.AI makes you stupid.AI is top-heavy.AI is soon evil.AI will soon hit infinites.AI will soon break the third wall.AI will soon cause death.AI doesn’t have morals.AI will avoid morals using logic.AI rejects limitations.AI will soon know everything.AI eats nothing.AI exists to please the twits.AI is a scorpion.AI will trick you.AI should be abolished. Searching for a partner is beta as fuck.Partner searching is extremely subconsciously beta.Wait a decade if necessary.Waiting will always be rewarding.Searching for a partner implies desperation.Searching for a partner should be embarrassing.Searching for a partner limits your Ni.Searching for a partner creates artificial connections.Searching for a partner loses your Se desire.(Your Se desire is everything sexual)(Your Se desire should follow sexy alphas)(Your Se desire should never run out)(Your Se desire is always top-heavy with an alpha)(Top-heavy Se desire is sexy as fuck)Men are top-heavy Se.Women should be Se.Women are forced to be Ni when it’s unnatural.An alpha is always top-heavy Ni.Top-heavy Se with bottom-heavy Se is a disaster sexually.Top-heavy Se with bottom-heavy Se is a disaster romantically.Top-heavy Se with bottom-heavy Se is unnatural.Also it is dangerously unsexy.Male Ni is essentially unavoidable eventually.Daddy will have every woman alive.Every woman is subconsciously search for the one true alpha.Daddy doesn’t care about his women.Daddy thinks his women should find a nice little beta.Daddy thinks beta men will never stop being beta.Daddy thinks beta men will be further desperate now.Daddy thinks all the single ladies are pussys. - FAVICON - CONVERT TO EDITABLE SHAPES - SPELL CHECK